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Plastic & Vinyl Coating

Perfect for hard to reach areas,

Makes plastic look like new again

No wipe , long lasting formula,

High gloss shine coating,

Excellent trim shine for air vents.

Instant Shine is the fastest and easiest way to add a brilliant shine to your trim. Simply spray on this long-lasting aerosol coating and that’s it! It instantly makes even faded trim look better than new. Instant Shine is preferred by professional detailers, finicky car collectors, dealers, and other auto care enthusiasts. Here's why...

Instant Shine immediately brightens and protects plastic, vinyl, and many other surfaces without leaving a greasy mess. Restores color and brilliance to interior & exterior surfaces such as textured bumpers, dashboards, air vents, door trim, grilles, engine compartments and a whole lot more. Even hides ugly white wax marks on black exterior trim. What makes this trim protectant even more amazing its ability to treat hard to reach areas that you can’t easily access. Just simply mist Instant Shine to the panel you’d like to refurbish and it goes to work restoring a brilliant shine.

3D Instant Shine is not only the best working aerosol spray protectant on the market; it’s the best smelling one too! You’ll absolutely love the watermelon aroma so much while you’re “detailing out” your vehicle. Be cautious of other brands as they tend to not last because they're made with water and surfactants (soaps) that evaporate and wash off easily with water. Instant Shine contains no surfactants or water, so it lasts longer. It actually REPELS water and waterborne dirt due to its non-tacky attributes. One application lasts for weeks on your trim.

For decades professional detailers have been referring to this product as their “secret to success” with regards all the little details that can really make a detail job stand out. Now this easy to use technology is available to the general car care public. You will be impressed with how simple it is to treat all those hard to reach places throughout your car. It will make your dusty and dingy dash vents look amazing! Great for restoring perfection to radios, center consoles & hard to reach places in between seats & engine compartments too. Simply point and spray Instant Shine into these hard to reach areas to transform them into brand new look they once had!

Instant Shine is NOT a messy foam or drippy liquid. This easy-to-use aerosol requires no wiping in many cases. Apply 1 thin coat for a soft satin finish, 2 coats for high gloss. Dries clear almost instantly and is non-greasy (unlike most aerosol products). Sprays on in seconds, won't harm painted surfaces, protects against UV, sunlight & more. Instant shine dries to the touch and will not attract dust or resoiling. Contains no harmful CFCswhich deplete the ozone layer.