FW 3D Custom Fit All Weather Mats

  1. Perfect Fit - 3D Designed with advanced digital scanning technology to fit your specific make and model perfectly.
  • Excellent Protection - Made of waterproof TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) rubber with a high border to help prevent snow, water, salt, sand and mud from dirtying car carpet. TPE rubber is weather-resistant, working perfectly in all weather, even in freezing weather.
  • Safe & Secure - The driver-side mat has an installed retention device that fits the retention device on the vehicle floor to keep the liner in place. The TPE rubber is a safe, non-toxic, harmless, odourless, and environmentally friendly material.
  • Durable - The TPE rubber is a long-lasting material,  wear-resistant, and won't break down in frigid weather.
  • Easy to clean - Easy to clean, dry quickly and naturally.

are made of waterproof  TPE material, non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, flexible, and 100% recyclable.

Cleaning methods
  • Clean with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe with a wet towel.
  • Clean by power washing.
  • Use regular detergent if required.
  • Don't use a washing machine.

A 3-year warranty on this product protects against manufacturer defects excluding chemical contamination. Original invoice required.
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