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Clay Bar 200g - Purple Heavy Grade

HD® Advanced Decontamination Clay Bar is an excellent choice for both professional & novice car care enthusiasts who are interested in smoothing out the above surface bonded contaminants that every car is riddled with. HD® Advanced Decontamination Clay Bar can and should be used on all vehicles such as brand new, pre-owned and as a preventative maintenance regiment to deeply clean all your hard exterior surfaces. Clay’s special patented technology quickly removes tree sap, bug residue, paint overspray, road tar, rail dust, and other stubborn dirt that is embedded onto your vehicle’s delicate surfaces. When these problems are removed from your paint’s finish, it will allow your paint to looks it best! For best results, follow with HD Polish or HD Speed to greatly improve the shine and depth of your new smooth surface.

Q: What surfaces can HD® Advanced Decontamination Clay Bar be used on?

A: Clay is safe for all smooth painted and glass surfaces that are exposed to the day to day elements. Claying also works great on your wheels, lights and color coded body moldings.

Q: When should HD® Advanced Decontamination Clay Bar be used?

A: Because your vehicle is constantly under attack by the harsh environment, feel free to clay as often as you’d like. Even though the process of claying your vehicle can be perceived as an abrasive action, claying will never reduce the film thickness of your finish if used properly. Frequency of claying will depend on your vehicle’s environmental exposure, amount your vehicle is driven and how often it is washed. The quickest and best way to determine if your vehicle can benefit from claying is actually very easy. Simply insert your hand into a plastic bag and rub it gently across your car’s finish. If you can feel roughness or tiny “bumps” then it’s time for decontamination.

Q: How does HD® Advanced Decontamination Clay Bar work?

A: Think of clay as a large car eraser that gently rubs away bonded contaminants from your vehicle’s surface. The cleaner your car’s paint is, the more it will shine. When used with HD Touch surface and clay bar lubricant, your clay bar will effortlessly glide across the surface picking up these stubborn pollutants and depositing them safely into your clay bar. Simply kneed or fold the dirty side of your clay bar into itself to bring about a fresh new layer of clay. Simple apply more lubricant to your clay bar and surface and then repeat. It’s that simple!

Professional Quick Clay Tip: Because HD® Advanced Decontamination Clay Bar comes in such an ample portion, take your clay bar and separate it into 3 or 4 pieces. This will allow you to extend the life of your purchase in case you accidentally drop it. Remember: if you drop your clay on the ground, it must be discarded. Never reuse your dropped clay bar on your paint or this could cause severe marring to the surface.